Are You Shipping Parcels to Australia?

If you are in business, there usually comes a time when you must ship goods or products to other places. Sometimes it is just down the street.  Other times, it could be completely on the other side of the world.  For instance, what if you were shipping something to say—Australia? Here is some information for UK forwarding service to Australia which you may find helpful.

It Sounds Really Complicated, Doesn’t It?

Well, it doesn’t have to be. All you must do is find the right company to work for you. That’s right.  There are companies which take all the worry and stress off your shoulders. If you are in the UK, all you must do is become a member of their website and set up a free delivery address in Australia.

Simply fill out the request form and let them know the details, such as sizing, color and the number from whichever seller or retail store you wish to purchase. Then just hit the submit button.

When your request is obtained, they will verify with you the important points, including the price, color,and quantity before sending you a custom quote. The quote will include all the above, the cost of them, the fee for the personal shopper and administrative costs. Any costs for shipping to the UK and VAT are also included.

You can pay for your requests using a card.  Most of the services accept all popular cards from just about any country in the world since they work with mainstream payment gate way providers.

When the payment clears, the service will place your requested orders with sellers and suppliers on your behalf.  They use their cards, and the products or goods will be shipped directly to your warehouse in Australia, or wherever. As a reminder, most companies send a separate invoice for shipping fees once the products have been received at your free Australian warehouse address.

Many companies also offer storage facilities, which allows more time for more packages to arrive so that they can be consolidated to save you money.  This includes large and irregular boxes, once you have contacted customer services to check for availability and applicable fees.

If you are unhappy with your purchase for some reason while it is still in storage, many will be more than happy to arrange a return (also at an extra charge). Other services may include disposal and inspection services just to make sure you are getting a deal and what you paid for before final delivery is arranged.

To conclude, if you are a business owner who ships goods and products all over the world, you know what a hassle some shipping procedures can be.  There is so much to think about.  There are some countries which may frown on receiving packages from some places.  Then, there is customs, laws, rules,and regulations that must be followed. Why not give the UK forwarding service to Australia service providers a try?

At, we love to help our international shoppers with our shipping service from the UK. With you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your palletized UK goods are safe and secure.


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